By Arthur Dieusaert
Size: 12″
Category: Teddy bear patterns
Type: digital (downloadable) item

Alvin is ready to be shared, and to be reborn through you! Alvin is 31 cm tall has 5 hinge parts! head arms and legs There is no method, but the pattern section contains all the characters that belong together! If you need help, I am always here to help you! and may you always disturb me! I hope you will enjoy Alvin as much as I do it was delicious to make! Have fun in advance

Price: EUR 9.50   (approx. USD 10.00 )

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Review by Romana B.
Italy, on Nov 21, 2023

So pretty bear girl, with her lovely cloth and adorable nose… 🥰 Thank you very much for the nice bag too!

so happy she arrived safely! thank you for the nice words
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Oct 27, 2023

A very handsome bear with lovely dungarees. A friendly and kindly bear. Beautifully made with shading giving him character.

Thank you so mutch for the compliments Arthur
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Eszter C.
Hungary, on Oct 20, 2023

I am very glad of this teddy bear. Bas is a wonderful and unique artwork. I love him. Packaging is unbelievably beautiful. I really like it. Thank you very much! :-)

Thank you so so mutch ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Jutta S.
Germany, on Oct 17, 2023

Sweet Casterbas hast arrived. He looks adorrable in his nice night clothes! Trank you too for the wonderful bag!!

Thank you so mutch ❤️❤️❤️
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Ann R.
United States, on Sep 21, 2023

Love his color and attire. He arrived safely and is a very handsome well dressed teddy. Thank you for the teddy tote.

Thank you so mutch dear Ann Happy that Mathijs safe arrived 🙏🏻❤️
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Heike Petra S.
Germany, on Jul 12, 2023

Another beautiful work by Arthur. Very detailed, with heart and lovingly designed. It travelled fast and arrived well in Germany. Thank you very much and I am already looking forward to the next ideas.❤️

Thank you Heike I am very happy that Marie-Louise has arrived safely and can and may increase your collection ❤️❤️❤️
Arthur Dieusaert
{ { { {
Review by Beatrice T.
United States, on Jul 7, 2023

You took my paid bear to a fair!! Without my knowledge! WRONG !!End of story

Now I find that he is also a LIAR! I will make the whole conversation available online. I am done.
YOU offered me 10% off the total for the 4 bears and free shipping I NEVER asked you for anything!!! LIAR

I never asked for less for the four bears because of anybody!
I will send your messages to PayPal and inform them that you asked me to pay family and friends!! It is not ok to ask that the first time you deal with someone!!!! I felt super uncomfortable

Anyway I will make it all public word for word. I never said I am the best friend of anybody!! I said I saw his bears on his page!
God was I wrong about this person.. I am disgusted. To say I would harm the bears... i let everybody else decide what to think about that.
I don't need your money. Nothing was about the money. It tells me a lot about you and your mind.
But Karma will do its job i know it

I bought bears from this artist before. Lovely bears, but this sale was so horrible that I will never buy again. I bought this bear beginning of July, he took my bear to a fair on the 19. of July without asking me. He took MY property to a fair. When I purchase a bear I do not want him to be packed up and taken to a fair! Period! He laughed about me when I told him that I am upset about it. He told me no other costumer ever was complaining about it. So he does that obviously with other paid bears as well?!? He said it is good for promoting his bears...! He did not ask me!! Nearly four weeks after I purchased him the artist contacted me and told me that the bear was posted but will get send back to him as the address was wrong. The address was correct. The tracking number was not working on the site they provided me. He told me he will take care of it and call me. Nothing for days. When I contacted him he said he doesn't know what is going on but I should not worry...!! After weeks ... and him taking my bear to a fair I finally had enough. I contacted PayPal and opened a case that i haven't received a working tracking number and did not receive the bear.
I waited another week and nothing happened beside dozens of harassing emails and Facebook messages from the artist. He said the bear was sent back to him and he wants the shipping costs which are free for his bears on Tedsby!! Nothing in the contract as well or in his shipping rules. Yesterday PayPal decided to refund me. He wrote another threatening email that he will ruin my name in the bear world .. if I don't pay him the shipping .. IF he sent him and the post messed up he needs to claim shipping from the NL post! Not from me!! It's ridiculous.
This went too far and i contacted my lawyer. If he will try to harass me and put lies about me in the bear world etc.. I WILL sue him no matter the costs. I already looked up solicitors in his hometown. It's enough!
So buyers be aware and I would stay far away from doing transactions with this seller.
The paypaladress linked to his account is not his own either. He said it is his boyfriends. And his boyfriend is now mad at him.. this whole transaction was a total nightmare. Unprofessional and not worth any bear. There are way nicer bear people and better artists in this world. And I am glad I know many of them like Gregory Gyllenship for over 30 years.
This is not one of them

Dear Beatrice what a bad experience that you have to go through this I just checked for you but as you told your verhazk this unfortunately does not match the last bear we sold to (Melvin) you contacted us very angrily on June 10 where your 4 bears remained that we were not allowed to send until mid-May as you doubted whether or not your husband would agree, and whether there was enough space ! you bought 4 bears where you got a 30% discount because you introduced yourself as the best friend of a very good friend of mine and you also told me that you were in a rough patch! I still have everything on messenger so I can show all copies! you also asked me for the transport costs which was then €192 again out of pity and thinking my bears would have a nice home I agreed! now that June 10 you accused me of everything then I checked the track trace code and guess what the bears were nicely received at your home on June 1! When I confronted you about this, you brushed everything off. So this was the first alarm bell for me! you said first am on vacation but then weeks later you were suddenly in hospital (which was also a lie) friends know friends! on june 11th you bought melvin through tedsby which I really didn't want anymore because I had little faith in it! my friend talked about it and decided to give it a chance! I received a message from you that same day via messenger that I was not allowed to send the bear at that time because there were problems at home and you still wanted to buy bears you knew I had a scholarship June 17 and asked me pictures of the new bears i promised to do this friday june 16 in the evening after the setup of mikn bears at the fair! you immediately wanted 2 bears extra in the picture you saw melvin standing with a sign adopted you wrote that I accepted your ban and laughed in your face ????? I don't see that anywhere in our conversation I informed you that I will take all bears that were sold because almost every bear that was sold would be picked up and I said then I can also take your bear, that is extra publicity you never answered that so I assumed okay it's allowed! after your tantrum because your message was full of hate words I apologized several times and never laughed at you I then put extra gifts in Melvin's box myself! Melvin was registered via the internet on Sunday 18 June and was taken to a Post NL point on Monday 19 June this one has left for their new home together with other sold bears you were well informed about this, including via your email you received your own track trace code to follow up on everything you expect that from Belgium to America it only takes 5 days ??? unfortunately one just ran with you wrong wrong adress I ask you to check this to see where the error was and the address was correct I asked you to be patient because just that day and the next day there was a strike at that mail order company but you didn't Because suddenly out of the blue you were going to leave America forever and move! I asked for your understanding and cooperation I spent days afterwards doing a lot of work to get an employee on the phone he promised me to start an investigation and that company was going to call me once they knew more! I wasn't going to call you I was going to contact you as I always have! day after day you kept accusing me of not sending Melvin in the meantime you had submitted a claim to paypal after 7 days you tell lie after lie! From research on our part, we have learned that we are not your first victim, but the umpteenth in a row! Beatrice I am very sorry that my 4 bears are with you I would therefore like to buy them back at exactly the same amount as you bought them from me! including shipping costs because I had also paid these! Only I do not trust you and know that you will harm the bears! Beatrice once again my sincere apologies that I cannot do magic to make everything to your impossible wish! You have broken me down as a person I am someone who wants the best for everyone, but unfortunately that doesn't always work out Dear Beatrice Honestly ? Now you can stop all your bullshit! when you show a conference show yourself best in 1 piece and not in parts! your swearing diatribe only proves that you were only after 1 goal! 10% discount ? unfortunately we come to a completely different calculation! Your threats are morbidly incriminating! And yes, you have to be honest just like everyone else! Anyone who asks moj personally about the history of our conversations will receive it in their own personality! After years of rehabilitation I'm finally doing well again! And I will not let you destroy my beautiful work! You are the only one accusing me! blame me for not making a bear for lying about the shipping etc... Anyone who has ever dealt with mail knows that delays or errors can happen! that these companies are difficult to reach and once you can reach them, they also do their job for at least 2 weeks to investigate the package! you've been lying from your first piece so if you show photos please don't post separate pieces but the whole story anyway I have a life I have a family so I am not concerned with lies untruths life is too short for that! I advise you to enjoy it too! and stop ruining people's lives! because just as you write it Karma always comes back! We don't want to do business with you anymore! because we as artists can miss this! we as artists live to make other people happy, happy! And apparently I couldn't do this with you because I can't do magic
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Ann R.
United States, on Jul 6, 2023

She's beautiful. So nicely dressed and such a beautiful face. Such a nice weight to her. Love her. Thank you for the beautiful tote.

Ooo thats is do Nice Thank you Im happy that you like here Thank you Lot of Bear greetings ❤️🙏🏻
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Jun 6, 2023

This gorgeous girl is the prettiest shade of cream and blue. I love her long nose and the shading of her limbs. Inspiring artistry! I will be back for more of BeArt bears. Thank you.

Thank you for these nice words I keep trying to put something of myself into the bear and I try to move people through the emotion of my bears thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Jun 6, 2023

The artist detail in this creation is stunning. I am so happy to add Bonnie to my collection. The colouring is lovely and the costume is exquisitely hand embroidered. Just perfect, thank you 😊.

Thank you for these nice words I keep trying to put something of myself into the bear and I try to move people through the emotion of my bears thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Arthur Dieusaert
Review by Heike Petra S.
Germany, on May 17, 2023

A bear with a distinct character. Very cleanly worked with a lot of heart and love. I am happy to have received such a beautiful bear from this artist and I am already looking forward to the next ones.

Thank you Heike ❤️❤️❤️🐻🙏🏻🍀
Arthur Dieusaert

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